Allan D’Arcangelo Landscape III 1965 Signed Silkscreen Pop Art

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Allan D'Arcangelo
Landscape III from 11 Pop Artists, Volume III
1965, published 1966
Print – Serigraph, screenprint 39 15/16 x 29 13/16″
Edition: Signed in pencil and marked 127/200
Knickerbocker Machine & Foundry Inc., New York


Allan D'Arcangelo is best known for his paintings of the highway, which he began in 1963. These paintings, typically flat planes with a perspectival highway extending into the distance. The inspiration for these highway paintings, coming from childhood memories and a desire to distill memory down to its simple, essential forms.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this work are the contrasts: the flat picture plane and the one point perspective highway receding beyond the picture plane, the real and the artificial as seen in the use of color, light and shape, and the abstract and representational. His sense of projection – seen in his use of color tones and shadows – is brilliant and transfers to the print medium with unusual forcefulness.

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